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Welcome to my blog and my gallery. Take a stroll thru the gallery and feel free to contact me if a particular piece speaks to you. Shipping can be arranged.

Sunday Update

The gallery has been updated! Yayyy!!

I have been neglecting my gallery for awhile now. So much so it always takes me a long time to re-acquaint myself with it and my blog. **note to self- do it more often ** !! So my goal is to spend a few more hours each week to updating and hopefully writing a few more blogs. I’d rather be painting than blogging 😉 but if my end game is to sell a few pieces then I’d better get the word out.

Self promotion doesn’t come easily for me. I still don’t quite see myself as an artists; I’m not formally trained or educated, I lack a formal plan when I start a new piece and I miss more than I hit.

In the Zone

Me and my mountain scape on a sunny afternoon.

This is my best hit. This piece was by far my biggest project at 36″x 60″, yup it’s really is 5 feet long! It took me just over 2 months to complete and is easily my favorite piece to date.

I had some serious challenges with this piece, just the size alone was enough to put me off for several weeks. It wouldn’t fit on my easel so how do I work on it? ( on a rubbermaid tub on top of a table with a second tub on standby..really..)

Do I need bigger brushes? (yes!)

Will I use more paint than I have ever used before? Yes (including 4 shades of grey and 3 new shades of black and 3 brands of sap green)

More layers? Yes, some paints thinned out to layer on.. on an on..but in the end the outcome was more than I ever expected. I was delighted but also sad when it was finally finished. It’s pretty much all I worked on for 2 months!

Originally it was supposed to be my headboard for my new bed but I think that plan has changed. It’s hanging on the opposite wall right now, so as I lie in bed I can get lost in it before I drift off to sleep.

Not really for sale but I'll let it go for $5,000

Dreamy Destination

I haven’t painted a lot since I wrapped this one up, I think my creative reserves too a beating trying to art it out! For now I’m happy to gaze at it and dream up new inspiration!

In the meantime, my studio has been cleaned up and it’s ready for more but I can’t help but wonder what’s next!

Paint on!

Getting out of the way

The hardest part for me when I’m creating is to remember to get out of my own way.

I love that expression!! I first heard it years ago while taking a reiki course in Ottawa. It’s universal to whatever the task is before me but more especially when I art (or practice reiki).

One Thursday I had an idea for a new piece. I had a thought to do a mountain scape and try a monochromatic method I saw recently on an Instagram page I follow. He’s been doing it for years and makes these huge over the moon beautiful pieces. Hmm.. I thought to myself, I want to try it.

It incorporates 2 of my favourite colours, black 🙂and white🙂🙂. I LOVE painting with black! This is gonna be awesome! The canvas was ready and I found a picture to use as a reference.

And here I sat, for the better part of 45 minutes, listening to the negative chatter in my head about this piece. It was amazing to hear me talking myself out of doing the piece!! Oh the excuses I’ve heard so many times before; it’s too different, what if I screw it up, why waste a perfectly good canvas, maybe use canvas paper instead since it’s not going to be any good.. and so on and so on and so on. I was exhausted and it was only 630pm.

I reached out to a friend and as always 2 things happened. He listened and told me to just do it! almost as soon as I said it out loud,  the fear and doubt eased up.

So I stood up, marched into the studio, pulled up the picture on my phone, opened the ever awesome carbon black, dipped my worn out hog hair brush and just painted the outlines;

without thinking, without doubt.. just do it!

Night after night, I added more layers and watched it change into what has now become one of my favourite pieces, all because I got out of my own way. Tonight it’s different from what I imagined but wonderful and finished. Less black, more shades of greys, blues and browns and don’t forget the layers and layers of white!

16"x24" acrylic on canvas

I LOVE this piece! So many shades of white, black and grey! I spent a few summers in the Rockies, I wish I appreciated them more while I was there.

I am thrilled with this piece and always amazed at what can happen when I get out of the way.

The evolution of this artist

I can’t remember what my first painting was. I think I should but I really don’t and knowing me I probably painted over it anyways! I tend to do that. I know what my first painting class painting was, I look at it everyday as it sits on a ledge where it has been since I brought it home.

I have alot of paintings in my home that will never make it to the gallery. They are crude and raw and beautiful in their awfulness 😊 They are the proof of my evolution.

As I sit in my living room surrounded by my own art it overwhelms me- ” these are all mine”. I am lucky enough to say that some have moved on to hang on other peoples walls, one in B.C, another in Edinburgh and one in Sarnia and many on walls in Ottawa and Carleton Place.

When I started painting, I remember being afraid to show people what I had created. I was almost embarrassed by their simplicity. They were rough, crude, dark, heavy and I took it much too seriously. I had a very short list of who got to see what.  I clearly remember talking to a good friend one day and admitting that I was afraid to throw out my unwanted canvas paper pieces because I was afraid what the garbage collectors would think. Seriously, WTF huh? Hahahaha!!! When I said it out loud, I realized how absurd it was and only then did I start to show some pieces. But from that day forward and with the help, support and encouragement of my posse I started to reveal what I was creating.  I opened my Instagram account for that very reason. It’s a hard thing to do some days, to lay out the creativity that is flowing out of you, out there for people to see. Some days, I can’t. I’m too caught up in what people will say, how they will judge the piece and by extension, me. It always passes.

As I evolve in my art and creativity, I am up and I am down. I expect perfection at every sit at the easel and I have to remind myself that it is what it is; a journey, an evolution and a peeling away of the layers of creative doubt and insecurity to reveal the world as I see it. I am grateful for my posse, my peeps, the ones who support me on this journey and encourage my evolution. Onwards,

Painty feeling!

That painty feeling! Not for sale, display image only

Ready to receive


I painted the bear on the left almost 14 months ago. It was ambitious at the time, I knew what I wanted it to be and when I was done ( mainly out of frustration ) I knew it wasn’t complete but I didn’t know what came next. I recognized that it looked muddy and had too much yellow in the foliage..  I loved this bear so I waited, put it away and would stare at it,  trying to hear what it was trying to tell me. My usual M.O, for those who don’t know me, is that I I tend to  paint over the ones I’m not sure about and I usually end up regretting it.

Looking back, it was a challenging piece for me; I don’t normally paint living things or creatures with eyes, let alone one perched in a tree, and not to mention the leaves on the tree!I like my trees leafless, so you can see it’s personality! Check out my gallery and you will see what I mean!

But there it sat on my bedroom wall waiting for the day I would pick it up again.

Sunday was that day. A missing piece fell into place at 430am. Let me explain.

Every now and then you come across an someone that makes you sit up and take notice. I came across one such artist last week and quickly understood that I’d found another piece in my creative evolution. I am energized by what this man created and am grateful for his YouTube channel! I’ve spent hours watching as much as I possibly can!

I know that the information that I received last week was probably already given to me in previous classes and with previous teachers but as with all Big lessons, you only receive them when you, the receiver, are ready. It’s safe to say I was ready and the message was received! 🙂

I don’t yet know how it will turn out. The one of the left is the reworked piece. Colour matching a 14 month old canvas is challenging! But already the difference is huge to me! The brightness, the colour palette and the subject are all better highlighted after just a few hours. I painted lot on Sunday, I grew in my understanding of space and colour but most of all I learned to not give up on a piece, to keep looking, to keep trying and to keep learning.

It’s back on my bedroom wall and now when I look at it, it looks more like what I envisioned when I started it over a year ago. I will finish it, one day, but for now I am admiring it just the way it is!

More pieces in my puzzle, more tools in my toolbox! I’d say I had a pretty good Sunday 😊

Mastery or mystery 

I dislike drawing. If you know me or have talked to me about my art, you know I really struggle with drawing.  The symmetry, the faces, the movement of the bodies I am drawing, whether human or animal, all present me with a unique set of challenges! My brain actually hurts after these classes. 

I have a very patient teacher who has been on this journey with me. Whether it be acrylic painting, portrait class or an actual drawing class,  he teaches and I attempt to hear him and understand the how of what he’s trying to explain . I frustrate him, I frustrate myself! 

I feel like I’m in 8th grade math class, the same pit of the stomach not getting it feeling that I associate with all things math! I joke about it, a lot, but it’s the same feeling and I hate it! I failed 1 year of math in high school and had to repeat, but what I remember the most is that the following year, everything that I struggled with fell away and I got it! I passed!! 

As I leave these frustrating classes, maybe I need to hold that memory closer to me so I know I will master the mystery of drawing just like I did the repeated math class of my youth. 

Back in the swing of things 

It’s been awhile since my last post, but as you can see I’ve been busy. Following my small creative drought, I took the time to paint just for me again. I painted my largest canvas to date, just for my pleasure, it was awesome! But you wont find a picture of it my gallery. For that you’ll have to come visit my gallery at home!

You see right after the art show in May I suddenly and quite quietly put all my efforts into the business end of my art; ordering business cards, setting up this blog and my website and with that, somehow my creativity tricked to a halt. When I finally came back to my art, I really was afraid that it was gone, vanished in the night but I was surprised and elated to find that it was still there, waiting for me. No judgment, no criticism, no ” where ya been” it was just there waiting patiently for me to once again sit down at the easel.

I realized yesterday when I was visiting a friend, that I hadn’t sold anything since the art show.  It was an odd feeling, considering that I hadn’t started painting to sell any of them and after selling  pretty regularly,  to have no sales for 3 months!  Coincidence?   If I wasn’t creating, I wasn’t posting and if I wasn’t posting I wasn’t getting my art out there! Funny how that works.

I am at my easel , almost daily,  creating again. I am participating in another art show and sale in November. Stay tuned for the details and a sneak peak at what is being created just for that sale.  The benefit of all my  ” business” work back in May is that now, it’s all about creating!

See you next time!


Curious drought

I tried hard not to label it because  when you label it, you give it energy and form, then it becomes a thing.  So I’m having a thing with my creative flow. Trust me I’d rather it be a fling! 

Maybe I’m just on a sabbatical?! A calm before the next creative storm? 

This morning I sat and just painted a panel, Just to see, an experiment in texture. Last week I worked, reworked and worked again on a piece that has been on the easel for about a month. When did that simple act of sitting in front of the canvas get fraught with so much meaning and expectation? 

So onward with no expectation other than to end each day with paint on my hands and probably, all over my clothes 🙂 

Jumping into the pond

Welcome to my blog!

This past weekend I took part in my first art show and sale, or as I call it “jumping into the pond”! It was a long road to get to this point but man of man I am glad that I did it! The show was local and very close to home. I told a fellow vendor that the idea of it being within blocks of my home appealed to me because if it as a disaster at least it wasn’t a long commute to get home and curl up like a ball and weep! No weeping required!

It was a 2-day show and I sold 2 pieces! I had hoped to sell 10 but very happy with my 2 sales. I never expected to ever show anyone my art let alone actually sell it, but a happy little texting accident last summer resulted in my first sale and the idea was born. I don’t paint any piece with the intention of selling, only to create a piece that speaks to me.